SEA Games 2019: Men’s football table, Group A and B standings

Indo Sub: Gol pemain Kamboja saat melawan Myanmar menjadi yang tercepat dalam sejarah Sea Games

The highly anticipated Southeast Asian Games (SEA) 2019 is finally here, and among the biggest attractions in the tournament is the men’s football tournament to be held in the Philippines, which will feature the best U-22 athletes from the ASEAN region fighting it out for the top prize.

The ASEAN teams have been divided into two groups, namely Group A and Group B, with some competitive matches in store with the likes of Philippines, Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia and Timor-Leste making up Group A while Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos, Singapore and Brunei Darussalam feature in Group B.

Out of the teams mentioned above, the top two from each group will make it into the knockout rounds, and will challenge for the semifinals which will take place on December 7. The third place play-off as well as the grand finale will take place on December 10.

The men’s football tournament is expected to be the star attraction at the SEA Games, and here is how the standings for Group A and Group B currently look.


Team Name                   Points                  Goal difference (GD)

Cambodia U-22             1                                  0

Malaysia U-22               1                                  0

Myanmar U-22             1                                  0

Philippines U-22          1                                  0

Timor Leste U-22        0                                  0



Team Name                 Points                   Goal difference (GD)

Vietnam U-22              3                                  6

Indonesia U-22           3                                  2

Laos U-22                      1                                  0

Singapore U-22           1                                  0

Thailand U-22             0                                 -2

Brunei U-22                 0                                 -6