Philippines President orders probe into SEA Games 2019’s troubled build-up – Report

Indo Sub: Gol pemain Kamboja saat melawan Myanmar menjadi yang tercepat dalam sejarah Sea Games

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has ordered an investigation into the troubled build-up of the South East Asian Games 2019. The SEA Games were soiled by controversy after multiple reports of mismanagement and logistical issues came up a couple of days before the Opening Ceremony.

“I’m really apologising for the country … they (other nations) should know while they are still here that the government is not happy,” Duterte said as reported by AFP (via FreeMalaysiaToday). He went on to add that he has ordered an investigation into the mess that was created ahead of the start of the tournament.

“You cannot just cast away all those – the discomfort, the sufferings of the athletes, sleeping on the floors, getting hungry. To the countries that sent them here, it’s a big deal,” he added.

The spokesperson for President Duterte, Salvador Panelo had earlier issued a statement regarding the concerns surrounding planning and organisation of SEA Games 2019, owing to a number of problems being faced by the athletes and the multiple reports of mismanagement by media and players.

“Of course the president doesn’t like that,” Panelo said per CNN.

“All those failures shouldn’t have happened; it could’ve been remedied easily, that is why the president is angry,” he had added.