WATCH: Philippines’ Justin Baas slammed by Malaysian players for dishonourable behaviour during SEA Games 2019

Indo Sub: Gol pemain Kamboja saat melawan Myanmar menjadi yang tercepat dalam sejarah Sea Games

Last Friday, Philippines Under-22 footballer Justin Baas was slammed by Malaysian players during the pre-match formalities at the SEA Games 2019, after the former refused to shake hands with his opponents in a proper and courteous manner.

Instead of merely shaking hands with the opponents as per the norm, Baas waved his arms wildly and appeared to slap on the shoulders of Malaysian footballers, which in turn attracted the ire of the latter who went to complain to his teammates about the incident.

A video has now surfaced online, and it has already gone extremely viral. Check it out right below:

“Bad attitude was carried out by Filipino player Justin Baas when shaking hands with Malaysian players,” wrote ASEAN Football on Instagram.

In case you missed it, Malaysia lost the game 0-1, and the only goal of the match was scored by Philippines ace Amani Aguinaldo in the 73rd minute.

Meanwhile, the men’s football tournament is expected to be the star attraction at the SEA Games, and as of right now, here is how the standings for Group A and Group B currently look.


Team Name                    Matches Played             Points                  Goal difference (GD)

Myanmar U-22                         4                            1o                                 4

Cambodia U-22                        3                             4                                  4

Malaysia U-22                          3                             4                                  3

Philippines U-22                     3                             4                                  0

Timor Leste U-22                    3                            0                                 -11



Team Name                 Matches Played               Points                   Goal difference (GD)

Vietnam U-22                     3                                  9                                  12

Thailand U-22                    3                                  6                                  8

Indonesia U-22                  3                                 6                                   3

Laos U-22                             3                                 4                                  -2

Singapore U-22                  3                                 1                                  -5

Brunei U-22                        3                                 0                                 -16