Andy Murray trolls Nick Kyrgios, says he wouldn’t share the same school bench with him

Novak Djokovic tries sumo wrestling

On Saturday, England Tennis star Andy Murray trolled Australian player Nick Kyrgios on social media in reply to a post, saying that he would not share the school bench with him if they were in the same classroom.

It all began when TennisTV uploaded a post on their Instagram account, asking fans which school bench they would sit at, if they were to share the classroom with some of the best-known Tennis stars out there.

Take a look at the post below:

As you can see, Bench 1 comprises of the most elite names in modern-day tennis – Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic – the proverbial “front-benchers” who excel the most right now. The other benches give fans a variety of other options to choose as well.

Meanwhile, Bench 3 comprises of just Andy Murray and Nick Kyrgios – the only bench with just two players sitting at it. It might look like a very deliberate move from TennisTV, given Murray’s and Kyrgios’ repulsiveness against each other whenever they lock horns at the tennis court.

Murray himself seemed aware about the situation, as he immediately took to Instagram and commented that he would “get up from 3 and move to 7”, just below the post. TennisTV obviously found the reply quite funny and replied that the British star has “won Instagram” as usual.

Check out Murray’s comment and the reply right here:


Andy Murray's comment and TennisTV's reply
Andy Murray’s comment and TennisTV’s reply

Good banter to keep us active during the off-season, if you ask us.

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