Ball boy face plants, takes it like a champ

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Once confined to the background, tennis ball kids get a bit more attention these days, particularly at the grand slams, and rightly so, they perform an important task.

After all, how would Rafael Nadal cope if he wasn’t able to get the necessary drink bottles in order or if Andy Murray couldn’t make use of a towel between every point. It’s unthinkable…

Ball kids have gained some fame too for their doing their jobs well too, take this ball boy at the Australian Open…

Not too shabby.

However, one unfortunate ball boy at the Barcelona Open has vaulted into public view for a less glamorous reason. During a first round match between Teymuraz Gabashvil and Nicolas Almagro, the ball boy in question had an unfortunate meeting with the court’s back wall.

It would appear that he tripped on the surface that separates the clay from the concrete of the seating area, and was left to helplessly face plant. More impressive than his fall though is the way he immediately gets up and retakes his position, what a trooper.