Djokovic excited for Agassi partnership

Stunning comeback from Paire to reach Winston-Salem final

Novak Djokovic is excited to work with legend Andre Agassi as he prepares to defend his Roland Garros title in Paris.

The Serb won his first clay court major in 2016, completing his career grand slam. Now, Djokovic returns to the scene of his 12th grand slam win having recently fired his entire coaching staff.

In their absence, Djokovic has hired former superstar Andre Agassi, who lifted the French Open trophy in 1999. Djokovic revealed that he looked up to the never-say-die American as when he was growing up.

"Having Andre Agassi as a coach is a dream come true, honestly, he's someone that I was looking up to when I was younger," the 30-year-old told Sky Sports.

"We have similar styles of game, very similar. He has been considered to be one of the greatest returners of all time and I was relying on return in my game throughout my career a lot. So there are a lot of similarities.

"I guess, experiencing different conditions in his life and facing a lot of challenges and still managing to come out on top and still showing his resilience and strength, that is something I can relate to a lot.

"He's been through everything I have been through right now, not just right now but throughout my career. He understands the role of being one of the top players. He understands how it is to win all the tournaments in the world, because he has won them all."

Djokovic has not enjoyed the best season, but has rallied of late, reaching the final of the Italian Open on Sunday.

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