Why Roger Federer sponsors a couple’s entire Grand Slam at Australian Open

Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal pose for photos after Australian Open final

With 20 Major titles, Roger Federer is one of the greatest Tennis players of all time. His recent loss at Wimbledon 2019 final against Novak Djokovic certainly had its moments but one can’t deny the Swiss Star’s dominance in all-time Tennis records.

Federer is known for his calm and graceful demeanor on the court. His smile after biggest losses often ends up winning the hearts of millions. Recently, there’s another story that has come to light which compliments this amazing side of Federer.

Every year, Federer ensures that a couple, Bob and Diana Carter, is seated in his box during the Australian Open. This couple is often seated right next to his coach and support the Swiss during all his encounters.

Federer’s relationship with this couple dates back to his early days in sport. When he was 9-year-old, Federer started training under Peter Carter who was an Australian coach. The latter saw the potential in a young boy and was determined to help him achieve greatness by polishing his talent.

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Unfortunately, Carter died in an accident seventeen years ago. The then 37-year-old was on vacation when was involved in a fatal car accident.

The Hindu’s Sachin Kalbag said that Federer was deeply affected by his coach’s death. The latter was playing in Toronto when he received the news and he ran out to the streets, sobbing uncontrollably.

Therefore, he invited the parents of his first International coach to watch him play while being seated in his box. Federer has ensured that the Adelaide-based couple is seated by the side of his coach every year since 2005. He takes care of all their expenses including first-class air tickets, lodging, food, winner’s parties along with commiseration parties in Melbourne. In fact, the couple always stays in the same hotel as Federer.

Federer is grateful towards Peter Crater who pushed the Swiss legend for international accolades. After all these years, the 37-year-old still makes sure that Peter’s parents never miss out the feeling of watching their ‘son play Tennis’.

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