Cartoonist vilified for Serena tantrum cartoon

Cartoonist Mark Knight has his say about Serena Williams piece

An Australian newspaper cartoonist has been labelled a racist following his cartoon depicting Serena Williams during the recent US Open final.

The highly publicised spat between Williams and chair umpire Carlos Ramos has made headlines the world over, eclipsing Naomi Osaka’s great triumph.

In the fallout, Herald Sun cartoonist Mark Knight took to the proverbial canvas to portray the 23-time grand slam winners’ meltdown, but has been hit with much criticism following the publication.

Despite the reaction, the Herald Sun has stood by the cartoon, showing how Knight has depicted a variety of powerful popular figures in the past.

Interestingly, Knight’s twitter account, where he posted the cartoon, has since ceased to exist. It is not clear if Twitter has censored him or he deactivated account himself.