‘Khan needs to stop chasing Pacquiao’

Pacquiao ignores Thurman’s insults at news conference ahead of fight

Promoter Eddie Hearn has issued a warnig to Amir Khan, advising him to quit chasing a fight with Manny Pacquiao or risk stalling his career.

Hearn has been doing his level best to get Khan to agree to a showdown with his man, IBF welterweight champion Kell Brook, and believes Pacquiao isn't interested in either man.

"I don't believe Pacquiao will get in the ring because there's little reward for him. For Khan, there's his biggest pay-day, a fight that will go down in the history of British boxing and a world title on the line," said Hearn.

"There's talk of Khan fighting Danny Garcia again. Some will feel that's as tough a fight as the Brook fight but I guarantee you the Brook fight will pay twice the money, so I don't understand.

"Khan's career has stalled already. He's been waiting for the Floyd Mayweather Jr fight and that hasn't happened and now he's waiting on Pacquiao and I don't believe that will happen either. Pacquiao probably has one fight left, maybe two – why would you fight Khan or Brook?

"Pacquiao should just wait for the Mayweather Jr rematch. The Mayweather Jr 50th against Pacquiao would be the biggest fight in world boxing. It doesn't matter that the first fight wasn't very good – you can build that fight back up easily.

"The Amir Khan fight is the one everyone talks about. Bob Arum and Manny Pacquiao say they're in the mix for the Kell Brook fight but I don't believe that in a million years. I don't think anyone in Pacquiao's position wants to fight Kell.

"Let's talk about the fighters that Khan is fighting. Khan would never ever go into a fight with Diego Chaves. It's such a high risk fight – a big puncher, desperate to win and dirty. Khan doesn't fight those kind of guys.

"Look who Khan's fought since he got knocked out by Danny Garcia – Carlos Molina, Julio Diaz, Chris Algieri, Devon Alexander. What's the common denominator? None of them can punch. So he's not going to go in with an aggressive puncher.

"Chaves is a real contender and we're looking for Timothy Bradley next. We can't wait on Amir Khan when he's too busy out taking photos with famous people in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and India. I'm not bothered about that. I'm worried about in the ring and he doesn't want to get in the ring with Kell Brook."

Khan hasn't fought since May when he won a unanimous decision over Chris Algieri in New York.