Da Costa: Aguri could be hampered by old technology

Team Aguri’s Antonio Felix da Costa fears he and team mate Nathanael Berthon could be rendered also-rans at Saturday's Putrajaya ePrix due to the superior technology of their competitors.

Aguri are one of a handful of teams which decided to retain the powertrain they used last season instead of running a new package.

With track temperatures expected to reach 50 degrees Celcius in Malaysia on Saturday, Da Costa expects that they may be handicapped.

“One of the key things to consider in Malaysia is the climate, as temperatures are so high. It was a very tough race last year but it’s the same for everyone, and that’s what we train for,” he told Formula Spy.

“It’s also going to be a challenge for the thermal efficiency of the powertrain; we could find ourselves losing out a little bit to the newer, better optimised tech. That said we still have the advantage of knowing our equipment inside out.”

Da Costa finished third in the season opening Beijing ePrix in October, while Berthon finished eighth after staring from 17th on the grid.

 “We have to have a better race in Putrajaya than we did in Beijing, that’s clear. This is high- level racing, and we have to behave that way,” he said.

“Beijing was a wake-up call for everyone, and we need to step up our game. I raced here last year, which is a bonus for me.

“But I need to deliver a strong lap in qualifying; that way we can save all the hard work battling through the field in the opening few laps.”

Da Costa finished eighth in last year’s race, while Berthon had not yet joined the team.