Mourinho praises ‘fantastic’ Chelsea fans

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Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho was left feeling emotional by the show of support from the Blues' fans during Wednesday's Champions League clash with Dynamo Kiev.

The Stamford Bridge support chanted Mourinho's name throughout their side's 2-1 victory, leaving little doubt as to who they think should be leading the club despite Chelsea's poor start to the campaign.

"The moment I came back to the club and we played the first match at home against Hull City, the way the club and stadium welcomed me was amazing," said Mourinho.

"But not comparable with today because today comes in a moment where the results are not good. It comes in a moment where you [the media] are asking for my end.

"The fans read newspapers, the fans watch TV, the fans listen to pundits and commentators' opinions, they read blogs.

"It is quite unbelievable what they tried to say today. Today they tried to say 'we want you here' and probably they want also to say to all of you 'let him work, we want him, let him work'.

"It is a fantastic feeling."

Mourinho said that he sympathised with Chelsea's young fans who would have suffered a tough time during the club's struggles.

"I think it is an amazing feeling for the club to know the fans are in a good moment and to see the streets full of people celebrating with a buzz," he said.

"It is easy for kids to go to school with a Chelsea shirt when Chelsea are winning every match. With a Chelsea shirt on when Chelsea's losing matches, they are probably bullied by other kids whose teams are winning."

Amid talk of a player revolt and that he had lost the support of a dressing room that no longer wanted to win for him, Mourinho said that the midweek victory illustrated just how much the Chelsea squad remain committed to the cause.

"The players showed once more they want to win. Today they did it," he said.

"Last week no, but they showed again that they want to win and the fans showed again their passion for the club. I think it's fundamentally what they showed, passion for the club.

"To support the club manager, I think, is a way of showing respect, but is fundamentally a way to show passion for the club. Amazing, really."