City and Sevilla fans ‘clash in Spain’

Valverde faces up to the reality of Copa del Rey final defeat at the hands of Valencia

Manchester City fans were reportedly involved in scuffles with their Sevilla counterparts in the Spanish city ahead of Tuesday's Champions League clash.

The Group D encounter at the Etihad Stadium on October 21 was marred by scenes of clashes between rival supporters, which led to four individuals being arrested.

Video footage appeared on social media on Monday night showing fights erupting outside O'Neills bar on Calle Adriano in Seville, with punches and bottles being thrown in the fracas.

A report in Seville-based newspaper Estadio Deportivo said: "Ultra supporters from Sevilla and Manchester City have been involved in lamentable events right in the city centre.

"After what happened a few weeks ago in Manchester, today it happened again in Sevilla. In the El Arenal barrio, ultras from both teams took part in a pitched battle in which there were thrown chairs, glasses, bottles and anything they could find nearby."