James makes NBA history

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Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James has made NBA history by becoming the youngest player to score 25,000 points. 

James achieved the feat when he converted an alley-oop dunk with 8:07 left in the fourth quarter of his side's 107-100 win over the Philadelphia 76ers on Monday. 

James, who finished the game with 22 points, nine rebounds, 11 assists, four steals and two blocks, thanked God for helping him reach the historic milestone. 

"The man above definitely put a stamp on it," James said after the game. "What better way to close in on it than by me kind of high flying a little bit. The man above definitely reached down and touched me a little bit."

In the timeout that followed after he surpassed 25,000 points, the Sixers' public address announcer revealed James' accomplishment and he was subsequently given a standing ovation. 

"It's pretty cool," the 30-year-old, who dethroned Kobe Bryant as the record holder, said. "I haven't really had an opportunity to categorize the list of things that I've done, but to be able to do it in a winning fashion, No. 1, and with this group of guys and do it in a building that loves the game of basketball — and obviously they are Sixers fans 'til death, but they know and they respect the game of basketball — and to get a standing ovation for reaching the milestone, it was very special."

James became the 20th player to score 25,000 points and was overjoyed to join such an illustrious club. 

He also conceded that he was thrilled to have etched his name in the NBA record books, but added that he has always been more focused on team goals than individual statistics. 

"For me, winning basketball games and then reaching milestones individually will be a pretty cool thing, but obviously, it will be a team aspect of it that comes first," James said. "But any time along that line that you're able to reach a milestone, I think it's very humbling and it's a cool thing.

"I know where I come from, and I know where my family comes from, and for me to have milestones along the way — obviously I have more work to do — but it's cool to see when you're able to kind of just stop and look at it. Because I don't get much time to really stop and look at some of the things that I've done."