Klopp laments ‘frustrating’ result

Missed penalty brings down grandstand light

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp thought his team played well, despite suffering a 1-0 defeat to Manchester United at Anfield on Sunday.

The clash between the old rivals went without a goal until the 78th minute, when Marouane Fellaini’s header crashed off the bar and into the path of Wayne Rooney, who buried it on the rebound.

“It’s a derby and in a derby you only have one job to do: You have to win it because that’s the only possibility to be satisfied after the game,” the German coach said.

“I think if Manchester United were to talk about their performance, they’d say it was not that good but they won so they are really happy.

“We played better but feel really frustrated because of the result. Our performance and a lot of things we did today were really good. Creating chances were good, but the finishing was not good otherwise we would have scored a goal.

“The set-play was unlucky because we changed two positions for defending set-plays a few moments before. We didn’t avoid the cross, lose Fellaini, bar, lose Rooney – goal. Three mistakes around the goal, which is obviously too much against a team with the quality of Manchester United.

“Today there was not enough time to come back in the game. At this moment, it is frustrating, how it should be, but we have to carry on and that’s what we’ll do. We are all more satisfied if we have the result and we don’t have them often enough, that’s the truth.”