Jack ready for NFL draft

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NFL hopeful Myles Jack insists he made the right decision leaving The University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) early to focus on getting fit for the draft.

Linebacker Jack left UCLA in November following surgery on a torn meniscus and moved to Arizona to undergo an intense rehabilitation program.

And Jack believes the decision paid dividends as he is now back in training and expected to have no limitations at next month’s NFL combine – although he is adamant he did not completely abandon his old team-mates.

“I was along with them every step of the way, pretty much. I didn’t miss a game,” Jack said.

“I was calling [my teammates] after games, Snapchatting them after games. I was there, but not there, you know what I mean? I was trying to be a part of the team as much as I could.

“We kind of like to think of our class as the one that changed things at UCLA.

“The Class of 2013, we all came in and are a tight-knit group. We were focused on changing things and just being a class that was memorable.”

Question marks still remain over Jack’s potential NFL career, principally: what position will the 20-year-old play?

Even Jack is uncertain himself.

“Linebacker, maybe safety, maybe outside backer,” Jack said.

“It all depends on how the coaches see me. Some people kind of see that as a bad thing, but I see it as a good thing.

“You can kind of plug me in wherever you feel like you see me or wherever the coach sees me. I feel like I was pretty successful at UCLA wherever they plugged me in at.

“I feel like I can transition my body into whatever position they want me to play. I feel like I have the skill set and desire to do whatever they need me to do. It’s not an issue.”