Stormers set to ‘try something new’

Aung Thu at Muangthong United

Interim Stormers head coach Robbie Fleck wants his coaches and players to have "no fear" going into the 2016 season.

Ready for a new era in Cape Town following the departure of Allister Coetzee, by appointing Fleck the Stormers are looking to alter their style of play.

“The culture here, I want it to be real and authentic and that is really my message to the players – we are going to work incredibly hard, we are going to coach and play without fear,” Fleck said at a press conference on Tuesday.

“It is a new team, a new management and it is a youngish team that we got here. It allows us to change things a little bit and try something new.

“We are nearly there in terms of what we want to do and how we want to do it, but it is that why and that purpose that we are looking for. We understand where we want to go and we want to build a culture around that."

Playing with more width has resulted in the squad working closely on their skill-sets so far in pre-season, said Fleck at the High Performance Centre in Bellville.

“We need to get back to doing the basics brilliantly. We want to build on a good set-piece and defence, to upskill our attack and kicking game," added Fleck.

“We want to play at a high tempo and intensity. It may seem like a risky approach, but I’m talking about calculated risks. When the situation presents itself, we will have a full go.

“We have a lot of inspiration within this group and a lot of ambitions. Our culture will be built on the successes of the past – we are going to be pretty humble and hardworking, but we are going to be pretty fearless in our approach," he explained.

“Most importantly we have got to play rugby, we have to have an open approach and enjoy what we are doing."