Lampard expects changes at Chelsea

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Former Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard believes the club will shuffle their squad after what has been a surprisingly poor season for the reigning Premier League champions.

The Blues remain in the bottom half of the standings, although two wins and four draws have seen them go undefeated in their last six league games, and Lampard expects a summer of changes at Stamford Bridge.

“From seeing some of the games I saw when I was back in England over the Christmas period, I think they need a new injection around the team,” he told the Evening Standard.

“It’s strange because a year ago, you’re thinking, ‘They’ve got a great squad and if they add to it they can really go.’

“Now you’re thinking, ‘They need to revamp, to change some players.’ I think that will happen in the summer. I think there will be three or four or five players and positions in the team that change around.

“We’re not used to it (seeing Chelsea in 14th). I was really fortunate to be part of a really good era.  A bad season was like second, third, or fourth at the most, so I think it’s shocking.”

The club’s propensity for change came to the fore when they lost patience with manager Jose Mourinho in December, and Lampard concedes that something had to be done.

“I think it was a difficult call,” he said of Mourinho’s departure. “It’s not easy to say whether it was the right or wrong solution until you look back and how it goes in the future, the next two or three years.

“Nobody was happy at Chelsea. The players wouldn’t have been happy with its position. Jose Mourinho himself wouldn’t have been. Sometimes that means a change.

“Chelsea are very used to change, but what they’ve always had is results, so I’d like to see them get back to the top half of the table very soon.”I think the club will come back.”