New York still blocking UFC

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A federal judge this week turned down the UFC’s request for a preliminary injunction against state laws prohibiting professional mixed martial arts in New York.

New York is the only state in the US that doesn’t sanction MMA.

The UFC intended to host it’s first event in the state at Madison Square Garden on April 23, and filed to make the event happen, claiming the ban denied residents their right to attend such events.

UFC fans now must hope the New York Legislature will pass a bill during it’s 2016 session.

Efforts to gain approval in New York have been halted by a few adversarial lawmakers and a culinary union in Las Vegas at odds with the founders of UFC over their casino holdings in Nevada.

Dana White, president of UFC, insisted that the legal battle to get the company into New York had very little to do with the sport itself.

“The Las Vegas culinary union is what’s holding this thing up,” White said.

“If we sold this company tomorrow, we’d be in New York the next day. It’s not even about the sport. It’s about New York politics.

“It’s as dirty as dirty could ever be.”