Mahindra wants Indian Formula E round

Mahindra Racing Team Principal Dilbagh Gill says an Indian round  of the FIA Formula E Championship is in the works.

The current target is for an Indian round to be included as part of the 2017-2018 season of the championship.

“We are working towards that,” said Gill. “We intend to bring a race to India.

“We want to bring it as quickly as we can. We are talking with the right people. As long we’ve got the minds behind it, the infrastructure shouldn’t be a problem.

“The promoters know how to host a race, they know how to bring the infrastructure whether, in Delhi, Mumbai or Bangalore, we won’t have a problem in hosting a race.

“Should it come to India, Mahindra would like to be involved in the promotion,” Gill added.

Elaborating further on possible venues and dates, Gill said between November and January could be the sweet spot in terms of the weather, although much would also depend on the location.

“There are several locations where a race could happen but a lot will depend on the time of the year really because the weather conditions are so up and down throughout the year,” Gill told

“The window is typically best in November to January, but it could be difficult in Delhi because of the fog and the light.

“Bangalore potentially could be a venue and Chennai could be a really good option because it has got a strong racing culture and a good track and it could be an interesting location to look at.

“From a logistics point of view, it [Chennai] could make good sense because it has a port and shipping cars wouldn’t be a problem,” he added.

Mahindra’s inclusion in the championship has sparked great interest in Formula E in the sub-continent, and India is a potentially huge market for the sport.