Nicol confident over Scotland

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Former Scotland international Andy Nicol thinks the current squad will have the psychological edge ahead of the World Cup quarter-final fixture against Australia at Twickenham on Sunday.

In the build-up to this weekend's fixture, much has been made of the fact that Scotland have beaten Australia in two of their last three matches.

Nicol acknowledges that the Wallabies were impressive during the pool phase of their World Cup campaign but thinks the recent history between the two teams will stand Scotland in good stead.

"Australia completely outplayed England so you would say this is a tougher quarter-final for us," said Nicol.

"But we have this mental block against England at Twickenham, not winning there since 1983. We don't have that same mental block against Australia."

While Australia are expected to reach the semi-finals, Nicol thinks the fact the Wallabies are favourites actually puts Scotland in an enviable position this weekend, as the team will be justified in throwing caution to the wind. 

"We can just go out there without any pressure on us whatsoever and throw everything at them," added Nicol.

"I've been very impressed with Australia but there is nothing to lose for Scotland. We're at the level we should be. I don't think Australia will look forward to playing Scotland on Sunday."