Manziel keen to seize Browns opportunity

‘Nobody has hit better than me this week’ – Koepka on his ball-striking during third round

Johnny Manziel has vowed to silence his critics when he starts for Cleveland in their home opener against Tennesse on Sunday.

The 22-year-old has endured a difficult off-season that included a two-month stint in rehab, but a concussion to Josh McCown means he will be handed a chance to get his career back on track – and he believes he is better placed than ever to take it.  

"I definitely feel I'm in a lot better place now," he said.

"So I guess if I thought I was prepared then (last season when he made his debut), I think I'm even more prepared now. I definitely feel a lot better."

"Josh is injured, so I'm the next guy up. My role here is to go out and play well and try to lead us to a win.

"I'm not looking at anything past this game, anything past the next week. It's really, go into this game, do my best and from there on we'll see what happens."

Manziel came in for heavy criticism from some quarters after relieving McCown in the season opener against the Jets, most notably ESPN’s Merril Hoge, who implored the Browns to ‘get another guy in there and immediately go in another direction’.

However, Manziel has fired back, saying: "Merrill Hoge needs to worry about his big neck ties.

"He's been that way since I decided to come out for the draft, so I guess that's part of it, but [it's] no extra motivation or extra bump for me or anything like that. It's just, go out and play and quiet him with the way we go out and win on Sunday. That's what we want to do."