Kiss to remedy Ireland defence

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Ireland defence coach Les Kiss acknowledged that this facet of the game required urgent attention ahead of the team's World Cup opener against Canada on Saturday.

During the build-up to the World Cup Ireland struggled to build on the momentum gathered during the successful Six Nations campaign.

What was of particular concern for Kiss during this period was the porous nature of his team's defence, as it was breached on nine occasions in two of the pre-tournament matches.

Nevertheless, Kiss remains confident that there is a solid foundation on which to build and thinks that the team's preparations, during the past week, will yield positive results. 

"We firmly believe there's no real issues, just make your one-on-one tackles and commit to the system," he said ahead of the Canada fixture.

"Historically, we've been pretty good in defence and it's a massive part of our game," added the Ireland assistant coach.

Canada is an unknown entity for some but Ireland is under no illusions about the enormity of the task at hand, especially against a team which has decent Sevens pedigree.

Ireland will have to be alert and they are well aware of it.

"We need to step up against this Canadian side, it's well recognised that they have a sevens pedigree (and) some handy footballers," added Kiss.

"We've progressed well in defence, our feedback to the players has been solid and stern at times and we're hoping for a really good response."