Pedrosa slams Michelin rear tyre

Dani Pedrosa has criticised Michelin for changing it's construction of the rear tyre in MotoGP after the Argentina Grand Prix, explaining that such alterations disrupt manufacturers' development programmes.

Valentino Rossi won Sunday's Spanish Grand Prix after leading from start to finish. Excluding the first five laps of the race, there was no overtaking amongst the top six throughout the day.

Pedrosa finished in fourth and has made sense of the uneventful nature of Sunday's race by pointing to the fact that the majority of the field struggled to manage the new rear tyre.

He believes that Michelin need to address the current issues and then resist continuously changing the construction of tyres as they did after the Argentina Grand Prix.  

"I think the championship and the tyre manufacturer need to come up with some ideas because I don't think that the problem comes from the bikes, from Ducati, Yamaha or Honda," he said of the challenges the riders faced during Sunday's race.

"We are working now to get better performance on this tyre, but if one day (Michelin) changes it, all this work and all the investment by the manufacturer is for nothing.

"If we build new parts, like a new swing-arm, and then they introduce a new tyre, we have to throw these upgrades away."

Scott Redding shared a similar view.

"Nothing worked throughout the weekend. And I must admit that it is not possible to ride in these conditions. We spent three days trying to find grip and we never succeeded. I do not think it was only our fault," Redding scathed.