Fiji training with ‘crowd noise’

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Fiji head coach John McKee has revealed how the side have used loud speakers in training to prepare for Twickenham on Friday.

A sell-out crowd will watch the Pacific Island side face Rugby World Cup hosts England in the opening game of the 2015 tournament.

Expecting a raucous atmosphere, Fiji have prepared accordingly by attempting to recreate similar noise levels to Friday night.

“We had a little bit of a strategy earlier in the campaign in Fiji, we had a PA system playing crowd noise and the sounds from Twickenham," said McKee.

"That was part of our preparation. Just the normal crowd noise from Twickenham, they took it off some of the footage.

"It was good in those sessions we did it, it affected the intensity of the training. It’s hard to hear calls and the communication in the game.”

McKee added that while Friday's game would obviously be a special moment over Fiji's training hadn't been too different to any other Test match.

“In a lot of ways there’s two sides to it. There’s the challenge and the motivation of playing the opening game. That in itself is a big motivator for the team’s performance.

"It’s actually been low-key and we’re focusing on the things that we need to do and our game on Friday, and the strengths and weaknesses of England.

"In a lot of ways it hasn’t been different from other test match preparation.”