Rusedski on how Djokovic survived the crowd

Novak Djokovic & Simona Halep celebrate titles at Wimbledon Champions Dinner

Novak Djokovic was not just up against Roger Federer at the US Open final on Sunday, but also a hostile crowd.

The New York City faithful seemed to throw all their weight behind the Swiss Maestro and Greg Rusedski believes it could have been a disaster for Djokovic if he lost his composure in front of them.

The British-Canadian added that coach Boris Becker must have had a few choice words for the Serb prior to the match.

"It was absolutely perfect from a tactical point of view," said the former US Open finalist on Sky Sports.

"I'm sure Boris said to him: 'I don't want to see the emotion out of there, I don't want to see any anger.' 

"You've got to stay calm, you cannot blink. If you do, the crowd will get on your back completely and he played a blinder tonight, so mentally it was an extraordinary performance.

"We wouldn't see this at Wimbledon, nor at the French Open or in Australia. Only in New York would you get a crowd like this – that really goes after you – and Djokovic deserves all the credit for what he did. By the end, the crowd is going to have nothing but respect for him.

"He's growing and growing in stature as a great champion."