Hahn: I’m happy to pay back coach’s trust

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Mönchengladbach's Andre Hahn says that his four goals in three matches is repayment for coach Schubert's trust in him after his return from injury.

The winger's brace saw Die Fohlen complete a 2-1 comeback against third-placed Bayer Leverkusen and all but secure their place in next season's Champions League.

Hahn's fine performances over the past number of games is made even more remarkable by the fact that he only returned to full fitness two months ago after a meniscus tear had him sidelined for 17 league matches.

"It reflects our season a little bit," Hahn said, drawing a comparison between Saturday's reversal and his team's comeback from a disasterous early-season which saw them lose all five opening matches.

"We keep bouncing back again and again, which is one of our qualities: we always get back up when things have gone badly. We can be proud of that."

A mere three weeks ago, Andre Schubert's team faced another late-season challenge: a dip in form that saw their push for a second consecutive Champions League place severly compromised.

Matchday 30's loss to Hannover was the turning point, according to Hahn.

"After the Hannover game we sat down together and it was obvious that we couldn't carry on like that," said Hahn. "We had an aim that we absolutely wanted to achieve, and since then we've been showing that on the field.

"I'm just delighted that the coach has put his trust in me, even after my serious injury," he added.

"That I can now pay back his trust makes me even happier, it's a great feeling."