Shah Alam Stadium security stepped up

The Shah Alam Municipal Council police have assured that Saturday’s  Malaysia Cup match between Salangor and Kelantan at the Shah Alam Stadium will be incident free following the crowd violence that marred the national team’s Asian Cup and World Cup qualifier against Saudi Arabia on Tuesday.

Malaysia went on to lose 2-1 after the game was stopped in the 88th minute when fans unleashed a barrage of lit flares onto the pitch.

Shafien Mamat, assistant commander of the police, told Asia One that the security errors which occurred at the game would be corrected.

"I was there and the weakness I saw was the Rela officers were just sitting at the gate that was unlocked,” he said.

“So when the people came and pushed open the gate, another 30 or 50 people managed to go in.

"We believe these people also brought in illegal items. But this Saturday we will be monitoring these gates.”

Apart from trying to stop fans from bringing the flares into the stadium, the police are also set to investigate where exactly they were purchased.

Several other items which were previously allowed into the stadium will now be considered contraband.

Food vendors will also be required to enter the stadium through a different gate to spectators and will be thoroughly searched.

"I’ll give an example, the drumsticks they use to beat the drums in the stadium, these can actually be used as weapons. So they will have to leave them outside before going in," Mamat said.

"We are going to see football, let that be all. Let's not do anything else dangerous. Let us just watch football peacefully. Let what happened last week be a lesson."

A group of fans known as Ultras Malaya are believed to have been responsible for throwing the flares onto the pitch and 11 people were arrested on Thursday after the police released pictures of the suspects.