Joshua biting his tongue

Pacquiao ignores Thurman’s insults at news conference ahead of fight

Anthony Joshua says he will respond to Dillian Whyte's taunts after his fight with Gary Cornish on Saturday night.

The Olympic champion bids for the vacant Commonwealth heavyweight title against Scotland's Cornish (21-0-KO12) at The O2 – live on Sky Sports – and the final press conference was an eventful one.

Whyte (15-0-KO12) fights Brian Minto on the undercard and with the London rivals set to settle their feud with a British title match-up in December, Joshua remains cool on the 'bad blood' despite being branded 'a fake,' 'a scumbag' and a 'good-behaving punk' by the Brixton man.

Joshua, 25, said: "Of course [I'll respond to Dillian], because he will be talking directly to me. 

"I asked Dillian to explain what he means [by calling me a fake] and he can't answer. I did ask him what he means because I don't understand myself. I just don't have a clue. I just do my thing.

"I'm not here to overlook Gary. He's my main man and the fighter I'm worried about right now. After that, my attention will be solely on Dillian. Of course, you've got to put your eggs in the basket and mine are with Gary and Saturday right now.

"I'm a big guy, I hit hard and I'm trying to do my thing and whoever these paws start catching, they're going to feel it regardless of whether any mask is on or the mask is off – I'll do my bit."

Joshua, who produced a first-round knockout in Glasgow in March 2014, was also dismissive of the notion that the England v Scotland aspect of the fight will play any part in his approach.

He added: "I'm pretty chilled. Scotland welcomed me with open arms when I went up there and Gary's been respectful in the build-up, so we'll put that aside. We're two athletes trying to get on to the global stage and won't let a divide get in the way, so good luck to the big man.

"I'm not really interested about what's been said about Gary. I'm only interested in how I'm feeling. People will say what they want to say and it's up to him to block out what people say and worry about himself, because I'm not really interested and have no say on anything he might be feeling.

"My job is only to get in there and get the win. They could book me up until 2020 because my job is just to keep on winning and stay injury-free.

"The promoter can do his job and I'm going to keep on doing my part and potentially winning and winning and winning."