Kenyan athletes at risk of missing Olympics

Kenya could be placed on the non-compliant list by the World Anti-Doping Authority after failing to meet deadlines. 

Following a series of drugs and corruption scandals, the nation was instructed by WADA to clean up their image.

However, the BBC reports that Kenya – who won 11 medals at the 2012 Games – has now missed two deadlines to show that they are tackling doping in sport.

While Kenya finally passed legislation to allow for a new national anti-doping agency in April, it may not be enough to appease WADA.

However, even if WADA places Kenya on the non-compliant list, it can only suggest to the International Olympic Committee that the athletes be banned from attending the Games in Rio. 

The IOC is already under pressure after WADA’s hard line in recent months, which has seen the suspension of four anti-doping laboratories and multiple investigations launched into doping, including at the Sochi Winter Olympics.