Fury: I’ll quit if I lose to Klitschko

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Tyson Fury has sensationally claimed he will quit boxing if he does not beat Wladimir Klitschko on October 24.

Klitschko is putting his WBO, WBA Super and IBF titles on the line against the Englishman in Dusseldorf in a little less than two months' time.

And Fury expects nothing less than the end of an era for the heavyweight decision, as he brings his Ukranian opponent's long reign at the top to a close.

"If I can't knock him out then I must be useless," Fury told Sky Sports HQ. "If I can't beat a 40-year-old man, I need banning from boxing. If I can't, then I won't be boxing on because I won't be able to achieve and get my goals. 

"He's been a great champion but [has] not fought anyone of note. That's where I come in to it. Every 10, 15 or 20 years there's a man who comes along and wipes everyone out. We're in a bad era of heavyweights but I tell you what I'm looking forward to – going in there and writing this fellow off.

"I don't like him, for one. I don't think he's an ambassador and has ruined the heavyweight division. People say he's a great champion, clean-shaved, un-tattooed, great manners, very educated. So what? He's boring and has ruined the division as far as I'm concerned.

"He's got as much personality as the wall I'm looking at in front of me."

Along with his brother Vitali, who has already retired, Wladimir has ruled the heavyweight division with an iron fist, but history means little to the tough-talking Fury.

"I'm not too bothered if he's got 10 brothers. If they all want to fight at the same time, I'll fight them all. It doesn't make a difference how many brothers he brings or what he does, he's getting knocked out. End of," he said.

"It's not going to be a points decision in Germany as we all know. You're not going to beat a Super champion in his own country on points, so I need a knockout to get a victory. It's not a problem for me.

"He's 40 years old. If I can't knock him out then it doesn't say a lot of me – a 27-year-old in the prime of his life. He's been knocked out three times. Three men have done and if a man can be knocked out three times before, what's to stop him getting knocked out again?

"He thinks he's perfected his style with his long reach and his jab-and-grab style but he's never fought anyone like me. I'm a 6ft 9in man who can move and throw different shapes around the ring. He's fought big men who can't move and small men who are small and can't get to him.

"I don't value what he's done. Who cares? It's a man with a pair of gloves on throwing punches at me and I'm going to be throwing punches at him. It doesn't mean anything to me what he's achieved."