Matthaus: England will ruin these players

Valverde faces up to the reality of Copa del Rey final defeat at the hands of Valencia

Former Bundesliga talents such as Kevin De Bruyne, Roberto Firmino and Baba Rahman could regret their transfers to the Premier League, according to Lothar Matthaus.

The former Germany international believes that the trio, who moved to Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea, could struggle to adapt to life in England despite their impressive showing in Germany.

"Their agents only see the numbers that are being offered from the Premier League clubs," he told Bild. "For their bank account, it's a big change in pay, but in sporting terms it doesn't pay off.

"Take [Shinji] Kagawa for example, who joined Man United as a top player from BVB Dortmund and failed in the end, they forget quickly.

"Whether a player like Baba plays or not doesn't matter to Chelsea in the end. At FC Augsburg, Baba was a regular player, in Mourinho's team; he is just a number among many. So it doesn't only threaten Baba or Firmino's careers, but also De Bruyne's."