US Open heat gets the better of Sock

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American tennis player Jack Sock found himself man down at the US Open on Thursday, as he succumbed to the heat wave in New York and was forced to withdraw from his second-round game against Ruben Bemelmans.

With temperatures off the court hitting the mid 30s (celsius), on court the surface amplified that, so combined with the effort exerted, it made for a dangerous situation, as Sock discovered. Incidentally, he also had to withdraw from last year's US Open due to cramping.

He's not the only tennis player, nay sportsperson, to find the weather too hot to handle, so we've scrounged around for a few more visual examples of such incidents on court.

Watch Sock pulled down here:

Nadal and Nole struggle in 2012

The Australian Open final in 2012 was a memorable marathon, lasting seven minutes shy of six hours, and the players were pale with exhaustion during the presentation ceremony. Watch as the cameras focus on Rafa and Djokovic, trying to stay on their feet while inconsiderate officials ramble on, until someone saves the day.



Dancevic goes down in 2014

Canadian player Frank Dancevic found the temperatures at the Aussie Open in 2014 a bit much, playing under the hot Melbourne sun in 40-degree heat. While he was able to continue after a five-minute delay, he eventually lost to Benoit Paire of France.



Azarenka hits the deck in 2010

Women's star Victoria Azarenka did not have a happy time of it at the US Open in 2010, and collapsed in the searing heat after failing to serve a few times. She had to be taken to hospital, having spent just half an hour on the court against Argentina's Gisela Dulko. It was later revealed that she also had a mild concussion from a previous fall, which wasn't helped by the heat.



Dimitrov to the rescue in Miami

When a ball girl felt faint at the hot Miami Masters in 2014, Bulgarian bon-bon Gregor Dimitrov quickly noticed her distress and helped her to a chair. What a sweetheart.



Commentators outraged at 2014 Aussie Open

Listen to Martina Navratilova and others discuss the extreme heat at last year's Melbourne event, and their clear annoyance given there is a roof and air conditioning avaliable.