Dodson: I am ready for Johnson

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John Dodson is confident of beating flyweight champion Demetrious Johns when they meet for a second time at UFC 191 in Las Vegas on Saturday.

In the first fight at UFC on Fox: Johnson vs. Dodson in January 2013, Johnson won a unanimous decision and hand Dodson his sixth defeat.

Dodson (17-6), who is on a three fight winning streak, will be up against an opponent who is unbeaten in his last nine fights.

In an interview with the Albuquerque Journal, one of Dodson's team of coaches Greg Jackson said that his man was very focused on avenging his defeat.

"I've never seen John Dodson more focused and more committed to victory than I have right now," said Jackson.

"A focused John Dodson is a very dangerous John Dodson. You want him not relaxed. You want him uptight. If he's focused and happy, he's a very dangerous individual."

In their first fight, Dodson was in control early in the fight knocking Johnson down to the canvas three times but was unable to finish his opponent off as the fight progressed and eventually lost the decision.

Dodson said he did learn a few things from the first fight especially that Johnson was not a big hitter and is confident he could turn around the decision the second time around.

"What I learned from that first fight is that Demetrious doesn't hit that hard," Dodson said. "He doesn't do anything too interesting that I'm afraid of. 

"I'm not afraid of his takedown ability because I defended it when I was fresh. In the later rounds, that's when it was harder for me. 

"I made sure this time around, I have pushed my cardio beyond belief and I've worked on my wrestling ability," he added.