McGregor: I will end Aldo’s career

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Conor McGregor has vowed to make reigning UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo retire following their highly-anticipated bout at UFC 194 on December 12. 

There is no shortage of bad blood between McGregor and Aldo, with both fighters firing off cheap shots. However, McGregor has  now taken it up a notch by promising to end the 28-year-old's career. 

McGregor was initially scheduled to fight Aldo for the featherweight title at UFC 189 in July. However, Aldo pulled out of the bout after sustaining a rib injury and was subsequently replaced by Chad Mendes, who McGregor beat via TKO in the second round to be crowned the interim featherweight champion. 

The Irishman is hoping that his Brazilian counterpart is ready to fight in December and doesn't keep their title match waiting by withdrawing once again. 

"I’m hoping Jose will show up," McGregor told "I’m going to retire him, end his career, and then I’ve done what I’ve said I’ll do. I said I’m going to kill the featherweight division, there’s nobody left."

McGregor believes that he is responsible for breathing life into the featherweight division as he feels there was no competition or emphasis placed on featherweight fighters before he arrived on the scene. 

"Before me, there was no main-event featherweight fight," he said. "No featherweights would fight in the main event unless the world title was at stake. And even then, because Jose is a ‘do-nothing b—-,’ as Ronda would say. He fights very little, it was maybe one or two. Now since I burst on the scene, there are eight, nine, 10 featherweight main events."

Meanwhile, McGregor also issued a stern warning to Frankie Edgar should the 33-year-old emerge victorious from his bout with Mendes at The Ultimate Fighter: Team Edgar vs Team Faber on December 11. 

But, Edgar is not McGregor's top priority as the Irishman has his sights set on moving up to and conquering the lightweight division once he dethrones Aldo as the featherweight champion on December 12. 

"If Frankie was to put on a phenomenal performance and stop Chad, or maybe something like that, then I can say, all right, let’s answer the Frankie question, let’s shut him down real quick," McGregor said. "But in my mind, I’m thinking, I’m going to unify the belts, I’m going to destroy the division, and then I’m going to take the lightweight division as well. That’s where I’m headed right now."