‘If I got another concussion now, I’d be worried’

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England captain Dylan Hartley has admitted another concussion would be a major concern for his career.

Hartley spent weeks recovering from a serious head knock in the final game of England's run to the Grand Slam in the Six Nations, after being stretched off in Paris in England's win over France.

The prospect of another concussion isn't worrying Hartley going into Sunday's Test match against Wales, but he admits that he will have to reassess if another one happens in the near future.

"If I got another lay-off now, I'd be worried. I'd probably start looking at other careers or maybe a long lay-off. Maybe I'll look at my tackling technique too," Hartley told PA Sport.

"I'd have to ask a specialist. Three in one season would warrant a bit of time off and I would probably take that anyway – take a step back and have a minute.

"It's not something I fear, it's something you deal with when it happens. I won't go into the Wales game worrying about it. I feel confident in my head and have tested it out a few times."

Hartley also offered an insight into his routine during his last recovery from concussion.

"Basically all I did was mill about. I felt a bit useless, a spare part. And when you stop training you de-condition, you get negative, you feel bad about your body," Hartley added.

"I couldn't run or do anything and spent a lot of time on the couch. It was lethargy, constantly wanting to sleep.

"I'd wake up in the morning, have breakfast and go back to bed, or go into the club to attend a few meetings and then go back to bed. I just didn't have any get up and go."