Nadal sticking with coaching team

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World number eight Rafael Nadal reassured everyone that he will be sticking with his coaching staff despite having a disappointing year.

Reflecting on his successful career, the 14-time slam winner credited his team, which includes his uncle Toni Nadal, for all of his achievements and that if anyone is to blame for his poor form it would be himself.

"I have (had) an amazing career with the team that I have today, the same team from the beginning," he told Sky Sports.

"So my feeling is if something's not working well it's not because of your team, it's because of myself. The one thing I have to change is myself."

On rectifying his disappointing form, the Spaniard explained that in order to get back to his best he needs to regain his mental strength which, according to him, was the main factor for winning matches.

Nadal also said that he feels as if he can compete at the highest level for at least two more years, provided he does not suffer any career ending injuries.

"One of my best things during the whole of my career has been my mental strength," the 29-year-old said.

"It is something I was not able to find that consistency during this year, but I start to see that I am again with that mentality, with that self-confidence."

"I feel great physically, and that's important for me because that's giving me the confidence in my body that's always been very important for the intensity of my movements.

"If I'm healthy and I have the chance to keep working the way I'm working now, I believe that I can keep competing well for the next couple of years and keep having chances in the big events."

On any immediate success, Nadal admitted it is unlikely that he will beat any of the top seeds but states that as long as he can keep working hard and keep his feet on the ground his chances should improve.

"I will be arrogant if I say I feel ready for the title now after not having a great season," he added.

"I don't want to say that. I say I am working hard every day. I know I am playing better and I am feeling better mentally than a few months ago.

"I feel closer than ever during the season to be where I want to be. So let's be patient. Let's keep working with that goal and with that intensity, and I hope that helps and works in a not very long period of time."