Holm bracing for Rousey challenge

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Holly Holm revealed that it was a bit of shock when Ronda Rousey announced that she was her opponent for UFC 195 next year.

Rousey made the announcement on Good Morning America, confirming she would fight Holm on January 2.

“It was definitely a shock, but I was super excited right away," revealed the Albuquerque-native on ufc.com.

"I get butterflies every time that I hear about any fight. Obviously this is a really, really big fight, so everything felt a little bit heightened when it came to the nerves and excitement, but when I first heard about it, I was just more excited to get going and start training."

The former professional boxer added that she will not let the magnitude of the occasion affect her training.

"I'm just gonna get up and train and I’ll train hard but not get too worked up," said the 33-year-old.

"I don't want it to be any different than another fight. I don’t want to get too anxious or psyche myself out with stuff like that.

"It's time to put a game plan together and train. So I didn't get up necessarily to watch it, but when I got up, my phone was blown up from everybody that had watched it."

Holm revealed that she believes Rousey and her team my try a different strategy against her as 'The Arm Collector' looks to continue her undefeated run.

"I feel like they might try something new. They might try and go out there with striking because she's obviously been very successful with it lately," she said.

"She's gotten a lot better, and has obviously evolved into a very well-rounded fighter. She's not known just for armbars.

"So she can easily go back to her judo if she doesn't feel comfortable with the stand-up, but I think she'll come out and try doing stand-up, knowing that she can always go back to what's comfortable."