Rafter: We can’t discipline Kyrgios

‘This is completely ridiculous!’ shouts Shapovalov after lashing out over umpire decision

Pat Rafter, who serves as Tennis Australia Director of Performance, has said that there is very little they can do about Nick Kyrgios' sledging comments.

Kyrgios and Stan Wawrinka got into a war of words last week in Montreal and court-side microphones picked up the Australian saying "Kokkinakis banged your girlfriend. Sorry to tell you that, mate."

Kyrgios was referring to Thanasi Kokkinakis, a fellow Australian player who is believed to have been in a past relationship with Vekic.

While chatting on the WS FM101.7's Jonesy & Amanda radio show, Rafter said that when it came to disciplining the 20-year-old over what went down last week there was very little that Tennis Australia could in fact do.

 "It's funny because people think Tennis Australia can just go and kick him out, but we can't really do much if you play on the tour," Rafter explained.

"You just can't play in the Davis Cup if we don't like the way you behave. That's about all the influence we can have.

"But what we can do with the young kids coming through, between the 10- and 18-year-olds who need our support, if they're misbehaving and we are seeing poor signs, we just won't support them anymore," he said.

Rafter went on to say that said Kyrgios in a position of doing "really bad damage to himself".

"It's a different generation and maybe I've lost a little bit of touch with how society works but we have a little tricky situation going on right now," the two-time US Open champion said.

"I've just put my foot down a little bit, so I guess we've had a blow back on a couple of the players," Rafter said.

"Nick is struggling to find out who he is and how he fits into the big scheme of things and can he be his own personality and also pull his game off? At this stage it's not working very well for him.

"He's got to try and find if he can get that balance right. If he doesn't he's going to do really bad damage to himself," he added.