Windsurfer infected by Rio’s water

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A South Korean windsurfer was hospitalized earlier this week after contracting a viral infection while in Rio de Janeiro for a 2016 Olympic Games sailing test event.

Wonwoo Cho became the fourth athlete at the event to contract an illness when he was rushed to a hospital with dehydration, vomiting, a headache and dizziness on Tuesday.

Athletes involved at the test event have complained about the polluted water in Rio’s Guanabara Bay, and many have speculated that the water is the cause of the illnesses.

Danny Ok, Cho’s coach, told the Associated Press, that the water in bay was “smelly” and said he believed it was the cause of Cho’s infection.

“Probably it’s from the water. It’s kind of a sad story. Especially in the bay, it’s terrible. I can’t imagine how they can have racing in this area,” he said.

Cho has since recovered from the infection and is training in the water once again. The organisers of the event and International Olympic Committee have declined to move it to a different location.