Bolt ‘feeling good’ ahead of World Championships

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Usain Bolt says he has recovered from the health problems which slowed him down this year and is “definitely feeling good” ahead of the start of the IAAF World Championships this week.

Bolt has had one of his worst seasons since rising to international stardom at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, the same city where the World Championships will take place.

The six-time Olympic champion’s best time this season has been 9.87 seconds; over a tenth of a second slower than American rival Justin Gatlin, who posted a world lead time of 9.74 seconds earlier this year.

Bolt admits that he would have preferred a better build up to the World Championships, but says he is confident nonetheless.
"I always wish I could have got in more races ahead of the Championships but it's just one of those things,” he told Sky Sports.

“I've been training good, everything has been coming together. My coach is happy and that is always a key thing – when he is happy I know I am in good nick.

"I don't know if I should call it an injury but I had a few joint problems which were not letting me get enough power under my legs so was causing me to run slow. I wasn't getting any flex to access all the power that I had.

"I had to be constantly going to the doctor to try and figure out exactly what I needed to do to fix that. I wish I got more races in but it training was more important that actually competing but it worked out and I'm happy."

The IAAF World Championships will take place at the Beijing National Stadium from August 22 to August 30.