Le Devedec, Serin impress Noves

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France head coach Guy Novès had high praise for second-row Julien le Devedec and scrum-half Baptiste Serin when reflecting on the Tests with Argentina.

Le Devedec and Serin, both from Bordeaux-Bègles, started for France as they wrapped on the two-Test series with Argentina by winning 27-0 in Tucumán back on June 25.

After a poor Six Nations campaign Novès used the series to see what some of his fringe players were made of, and came away impressed, if not a little cautious.

"(Kevin Gourdon) bided his time and worked hard. He showed us that he is very close to international level. Le Devedec, we discovered him at this level. He was exceptional," Noves told Midi Olympique.

"Serin, we'd seen him during the Six Nations at Marcoussis. He's worked hard with his club, Bordeaux-Bègles. He came back with a bigger technical range than he had in the winter.

"In the first Test he surprised us and we wanted to see if he could back it up. He managed to back it. From now on it's clear that he will play a role in our project.

"[Overall] we saw movement, better control of high balls and a very solid set-piece. That progress doesn't come from out of the blue. In terms of the project, it feels like we are getting closer to our target.

"(But) I don't want to get carried away with the result or the behaviour of the players, however good it was.

"All I can say is we'll have to see them again taking on opposition that will no doubt be stronger than what Argentina produced in the second Test, with all the respect I have for them."