Hayden has ‘a few lines in the water’

Nicky Hayden could return to World Superbikes next season or even swap MotoGP for America's AMA series.

After 13 years in MotoGP, three race wins and one World title, the 34-year-old faces an uncertain future.

Racing for Aspar in the premier class, Hayden has scored just eight points so far this season, leaving some to question where his future may lie.

For now, though, the American is keeping his own council.

"I've had some discussion in this paddock and in World Superbike," he told Cycle News. "It's still a little bit early, especially for Superbike.

"(I've got) a few lines in the water that could be interesting. We'll just see if something good comes up and continue riding bikes. I would like to keep going and if not, I'll deal with that too."

Pressed as to whether staying in MotoGP was his first choice, he said: "With the right situation. The right bike, the right team, right sponsor to do it right."

However, he is open to the possibility of swapping to WSBK, where he raced in 2002, or even America's AMA.

"That's not got a bad ring to it," was his response when told he could try become the first rider to win both the MotoGP and World Superbike titles. "That wouldn't be a bad little box to check off on the way out.

"I know it's easier to say than to actually do. It's deep water over there too. That (World Superbike) sounds more appealing than going back to AMA."