Contador forced out of the Olympics

Spain's Alberto Contador has withdrawn from the upcoming Olympics in Rio de Janeiro due to injuries suffered during the Tour de France.

The 34-year-old abandoned the Tour after the ninth stage due to a fever, having struggled to that point after crashing during stage one and stage two.

Tests have shown that Contador sustained multiple contusions and injured his left hamstring, right thigh and left shoulder. Having been told to rest completely for two weeks, the two-time Tour de France winner has decided he will not be able to return to full fitness in time for the road race at the Olympics which takes place on August 6.

"After what Dr Leyes told me, the Olympics are discarded because it's not a matter of just going there, but to reach them in optimal condition, and it looks like that will not be possible," said Contador.

"Now my goal is to recover for the Vuelta a Espana, which I do think I can get to. I will try to shorten times, but now what's good is to rest and recover.

"The Olympics were my second big goal of the year, after the Tour. This year the route is suitable for climbers and I could have done a good race, but things are as they are."

Instead, Contador is targeting a comeback at the Vuelta a Espana which gets underway on August 20.