Bolt backs Russian Olympic ban

Usain Bolt says he has no problem with the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) decision to ban Russia from the Olympic Games.

On Thursday, an appeal by the Russian Olympic Committee and 68 Russian athletes to compete at the Rio Olympics was rejected by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

Speaking at a press conference in London ahead of this weekend’s Anniversary Games, where he will be competing, Bolt said he felt the authorities were making the right decision with regards to Russia’s participation in Rio.

“If you have proof and you catch somebody, I definitely feel you should take action,” said the six-time Olympic champion.

“If you feel banning the whole team is the right action, then I am all for it. Rules are rules and the doping violations in track and field are getting really bad.

“This will scare a lot of people, or send a strong message that the sport is serious about cleaning up.”