Putin: No place for doping in sport

Russian president Vladimir Putin is backing a new commission to help Russia develop a national plan tom combat doping.

Putin was speaking after Russia's Olympic ban was upheld due to claims that the country ran a state-sponsored doping programme.

"In sport there is not and cannot be a place for any doping," Putin said. "Sport must be clean, and an athlete's health must be properly protected."

Putin has called on 81-year-old Vitaly Smirnov, an honorary International Olympic Committee member and a veteran of Russian and Soviet sports administration, to lead a new anti-doping commission.

"Such a commission should be headed by a person with an absolutely unimpeachable reputation, who has the trust and respect of the Olympic family," Putin said. "There is such a person in our country and he is Vitaly Georgievich Smirnov."

The Russian president added that he wanted the commission to provide "rapid development and tough control for the effective realisation of a national plan on the fight against doping".