McGregor interested in buying a tiger

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McGregor admitted that he has always been fascinated by the predatory beasts and the manner in which they stalk and attack their prey.

It may seem slightly bizarre that McGregor wants a tiger, but the Irishman believes that he and tigers possess many of the same characteristics, and this is one of the attractions. 

"They're like a machine when they move," he said during an interview with CNN Sport. "They're so powerful, it's something I look to incorporate into my own game so if I can move like them and walk like them and attack like them, there's not a human alive that can stop me.

"I'm actually in the process of looking to purchase one of these animals. I believe in Vegas it can be done…I'd like [a] tiger. A nice colored tiger. Like Mike Tyson.

"Mike Tyson had a white one. I would like an orange and black one. More traditional."