Rossi teases four-wheel future

Valentino Rossi says he would definitely consider pursuing a career on four wheels after he brings his MotoGP career to a close.

The Italian is committed to his current job, insisting that his desire to secure a tenth world title has grown even stronger following the dramatic end to the current season.

But when he has done all that he wants to do in MotoGP, Rossi would welcome a different racing challenge.

“I have a great passion for cars because when I remember growing up, my father Graziano, when he stopped with the bikes he raced in rally,” Rossi said. 

“It gives me a lot of passion like it did to him. I would like to race a lot with the cars when I finish with MotoGP but anyway I will try to stay for some more years in MotoGP and when I stop, for sure I can do something with the car, I don't know if it is rally or something else.” 

Rossi recently won the the Monster Energy Monza Rally for a fourth time, and said he enjoys taking part in the event, which also helps keep him sharp in the off-season.

“For a long, long time I've returned to this rally because I like this event,” he added. 

“You have the thrill of the race but less pressure than in MotoGP so I can enjoy it. I can drive this car which is fantastic. Also in our team we have Brivio and Uccio, so it always good fun.”

Rossi has some history with four-wheel racing, having briefly tested for Ferrari in 2006 when he was considering a switch to Formula 1.

He has also previously entered the World Rally Championship on three occasions – in 2002, 2006 and 2008.

Despite the talk, Rossi admitted there was no set time for when he would put any change of plans into motion.