Bowles: No rivalry with Giants

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New York Jets head coach Todd Bowles says there is no rivalry between his franchise and the New York Giants.

The Jets and Giants take on one another this Sunday in what is dubbed the "Snoopy Bowl", but, Bowles who is in his first season with the Jets says he doesn't view the two New York teams as rivals.

"No, I don't think it's a rivalry because you don't play them as much," he told

"They're not in the same division. You only play them once every (four) years. The fact that we're in the same city, same stadium makes it very interesting for the fan base, but other than that, no."

Bowles, though, didn't pass the message onto wide receiver Brandon Marshall who said the two teams, who also share the MetLife Stadium, will both be fighting for bragging rights this weekend.

"Because it's two teams in the same city, it's definitely a rivalry," said Brandon Marshall.

"We definitely want to be known as the best team in New York, and we have to go out there and fight for that this weekend."

Former New York Giants guard Chris Snee, revealed to the New York Post that he always regarded it as a "big game" when the duo met.
"I can speak openly about it now that I'm not worried about having them across from me at the line of scrimmage. I always looked at it as: The Jets want to get where we're at. That's having won the championships and having won really over the area for the most part. I know there are a lot of Jets fans and they're loyal, but the Jets are in Giants country.

"Listen, it's definitely a game where you want the bragging rights. You don't want your little brother to beat you in anything, let's put it that way."