Klopp hung up on Crystal Palace defeat

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp is refusing to get carried away by his good start at the club because of their loss to Crystal Palace last month.

The former BVB Dortmund mentor has been in charge at Anfield since he took over from the sacked Brendan Rodgers at the beginning of October.

In that time, the Reds have played 10 matches, have only lost one and have claimed victories against Chelsea and Manchester City, leading to a new sense of optimism at the club, but it is the one defeat that occupies Klopp's thoughts the most.

"Sometimes I would really like to change my personality but I can't forget this loss against Crystal Palace. If we had won this, I would say it was okay," he told Sky Sports.

Despite being at the club for a little under two months, the squad has adapted quickly to Klopp's methods and the manager believes the key to that success has been to gradually introduce new ideas.

"I think we've done not too bad until now. We give as much information as we could, as we should. With information, if I would say every day all the things I know, it is for sure too much.

"It's timing, the right information is very important, of course. We don't want that they have to take their papers on the pitch. It's football.

"We have to play football. This word 'playing' is everything that you need. For this moment it's okay – maybe we could have done better but we never will know this.

"We go on, we are not even at half of the way of the season, of our development. We all think we have a long time together and we have always to do the next step," he concluded.