Murray lays into Lawn Tennis Association

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Andy Murray has criticized the controlling body for tennis in Great Britain just a day after leading the nation to victory in the Davis Cup.

The world number two, who won 11 of his 12 rubbers in the Davis Cup this year, says the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) has not done enough to develop Britain’s next generation of tennis stars.

“I feel like you waste time because nothing ever gets done and I don’t like wasting my time,” he told the Guardian.

“I don’t know where the next generation is. They need to act on it now. It’s no use doing it in 18 months. Start now. It should have started before today. It’s time to make some positive changes so that things get better.”

The Scot also admitted that he had only ever spoken to Michael Downey, the LTA’s chief executive, once since his appointment in 2013.

“I don’t speak to any of the people who are in a high-up position about that. I haven’t really spoken to them about anything,” he said.

Murray added that one of the most worrying signs of the LTA’s failure to develop junior players was the lack of young British talent at grand slams events.

“It is a shame because we always had good juniors, regardless of whether we had a load of players at the top of the professional game,” he said.

“It’s concerning not to have any juniors in the grand slams because that is something we were always very good at. It’s not ideal.”

Murray was also critical of the LTA’s decision to first build its elite player facility in Roehampton, England and then scrap the facility just seven years later.

Leon Smith, Great Britain’s Davis Cup captain, echoed his star player’s sentiments.

“There’s so much change and every time you change, you have to start again. When we had a squad at the National Training Centre, there was something to which you could attach younger players,” said Smith.

“It was the decision of Michael Downey and Bob Brett (the former head of player development, who left in July) to move that on and now we’ve got another performance director who will have to unfold another strategy.

“The LTA doesn’t coach any of the players now and that is clearly the strategy since Michael came in. I would guess £25m has gone into junior programmes but it’s not worked, because there are no juniors.”